Improving outcomes in knee osteotomy
Improving outcomes in knee osteotomy


How does the patient consent to the process?
Consent to participate in UKKOR will be obtained electronically when patients access their patient portal.  Patients can choose to withdraw this consent at any time without influencing the clinical care that they receive.  Paper versions of the consent form are available, if needed – please contact Amplitude.
How secure is the data?
Amplitude, providers of the clinical software, have 15 years of experience in providing robust software systems that meet NHS security standards.  If you would like to see a copy of the ISO Security Certificate, please contact Amplitude.
What if my patient does not have an email address?
In the digital age, most people have email addresses and access to the internet.

However, when this is not the case, patients can still participate by completing a paper version of their outcome scores or completing online scores on an iPad, computer or kiosk in the clinical environment.

Data ownership
The UKKOR steering committee will act as the data controller for all data entered into the registry.  The data will be analysed for research purposes to identify successful practices which improve patent outcomes.  


UKKOR will always explicably state when and how it intends to use your data and will anonymise it before sharing it within the public domain.  Both the clinician and the patient can choose to remove consent and end their relationship with UKKOR at any time.
NHS patients
In order to add NHS patients to the registry, you will need to get approval from your Information Governance officer.  This usually involves presenting the ISO Security Certificate and patient consent information.  You will only need to get approval for the registry system once.  For further advice and guidance, contact Amplitude.
Reports – who has access?
Individual consultants will be able to access data for their own patients.  Collectively UKKOR data will be analysed as a larger cohort.  Applications for access to the whole UKKOR dataset can be made in writing to the UKKOR research director.


Retrospective data
There will be an initial cohort of patients included within UKKOR.  This will be clinical data on patients who have previously had a knee osteotomy and have consented to continue their follow up within UKKOR.   The validity of this data will be clinically confirmed before inclusion.


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